Welcome to Ephemeral Mists' Website

Ephemeral mists began its musical journey during the beginning of 2009, when composer, Brett Branning began fusing his cutting edge ambient electronics with the ancient musical traditions and instruments of the middle east and far east. The result is a stunningly beautiful ambient world of sound that goes well beyond the cliches of the genre and reaches for daunting new artistic and creative heights. The debut album, "Moon ritual", is currently avaiable for purchase. Brett has been involved with music since early childhood, and began his musical odyssey on the piano. Although, that has remained his main instrument throughout the years, he is also very fluent on a wide range of world music instruments, including (but not limited to) the Ney, Shakuhachi, Guanzi, Whistle, Blul, Xiao, and Duduk. The passion he holds for these ancient wind instruments plays an integral role in the sound world that Ephemeral Mists creates.


Purveyors of Fine Art Electronica"