Ephemeral Mists' Musical Instruments


The pennywhistle, or Tin whistle is a simple 6 holed fipple flute. The fipple end of this instrument makes this one of the easiest types of wind insturments to learn, however it also makes it one of the more limited wind instruments in terms of timbral shading. Because the fipple locks the shape of the airstream into a particular shape, the player is not able to shift the harmonics of the timbre in quite the same way you can on embouchure controlled wind instruments. This, however, is one of the charms of these lovely instruments. The are probably most famously know in the west for their prominent role in Irish music. They have been used in modern music under this capacity for the leading melodies in contemporary film scores like Titanic and Braveheart. The whistle that I own are not made of the traditional material (tin or copper), but made of exotic hardwoods. This makes the tonal quality of the instruments softer and darker, sharing a similar tonal spectrum to a recorder.